Project M³ Home Activities

» The Set Game Set
Quiddler, Xacitka, Set—are they similar to Quidditch? Nope, but they be just as much fun. Be careful when you visit this site as time seems to go really fast as you play the Daily Puzzle in each of the three games. Finding that last set, finding just the right combination of letters, or winning all eight tricks sometimes seems impossible—keep trying, you’ll get it.

» Figure This!
Have fun exploring a variety of problems designed especially for you and the world you live in. There are 80 problems already there and every month there are three to four new problems posted. This site is fun to use too, has lots of animation and graphics and is easy to move around in. They will even give you hints if you are stuck.

» Math Forum
A great math place to wander and explore. Our favorites include:

» MathsChallenge.Net
These are really tough and the site isn’t as fancy as some but the problems are really good. You’re supposed to be 11 or older to try these but when has that stopped you? Enjoy the cartoons; try to figure out the math behind the mind reading experiments. Tackle the junior problems or try to break the code.

» PBS Kids Cyberchase
From the same people who introduced you to Elmo and Cookie Monster, PBS brings you the Cyber Squad; Dr. Marbles, Matt, Inez and Jackie. Each day they go on a new adventure that you can help them solve or you can relax and play one of their favorite games.

» Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math designed just for you. Lots of things to explore and problems to solve. If you love science too, try their science activities.