About Project M³

In 1980, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) made a bold statement, “The student most neglected in terms of realizing full potential, is the gifted student of mathematics.”

Under the auspices of a United States Department of Education Javits Grant, Project M3, Mentoring Mathematical Minds, began as a 6-year collaborative research effort of faculty at the University of Connecticut, Northern Kentucky University, and Boston University and teachers, administrators, and students in 11 schools of varying socioeconomic levels in Connecticut and Kentucky. In this initial development, a team of national experts in the fields of mathematics, mathematics education, and gifted education created a total of 12 curriculum units of advanced mathematics. As part of the grant, a research study on the effectiveness of the units in terms of student achievement was conducted with diverse students identified with mathematical talent. The research design, implementation, and results can be found in the Research Study link.

The units have been purchased by schools in all 50 states of the United States and several foreign countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada. Project M3 units have won the prestigious Outstanding Curriculum Award from the National Association for Gifted Children for 6 years running.

In 2013, the writing team began a revision of the first set of units to update them with connections to the Common Core State Standards and add new units to each level. In the 2015 Project M3 edition, there are 15 units: 6 units for level 3-4; 4 units for Level 4-5; and 5 units for Level 5-6.

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