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  • Spark Your Child’s Success in Math and Science: Practical Advice for Parents by Jacqueline Barber, Nicole Parizeau, and Lincoln Bergman (2002). This book describes how and why even the smallest actions taken by parents can make the world of difference in their children’s schooling and overall education. It presents straight-forward, research-based suggestions for parents who want to ignite and sustain children’s critical thinking skills and lifelong interest in math and science.
  • I Hate Mathematics! Book a Brown Paper School Book
  • Math for Smarty Pants: Or Who Says a Brown Paper School Book
  • The Book of Think
    Marilyn Burns has been helping teachers teach math for more than 20 years. She is an award winning author and writer of both professional and children’s books. The books listed below have been around for quite some time and are still favorites of both children and teachers.

Family Math

  • Matemática Para La Familia
  • Family Math II: Achieving Success in Mathematics
  • Family Math: The Middle School Years, Algebraic Reasoning and Number Sense
  • The Family Math Series from the University of California, Berkley’s Lawrence Hall of Science offers a variety of ways to engage in mathematical activities with your child. All of the titles above are highly recommended.


National Association for Gifted Children
This website is the homepage for the National Association of Gifted Children. Here you can access parenting information including interesting articles from their parent publication, Parenting for High Potential.

The Family Corner at Figure This!
Available in both English and Spanish, this site offers help to families as well as some great problem solving challenges.

Mathematics for Parents Newsletter
An extension of the Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) program informing parents about how their children think about mathematics.




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