Project M²—Mentoring Young Mathematicians (2007-2013)

Welcome to Project M²

An advanced mathematics curriculum and research study for primary level students funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted at the Neag School of Education of the University of Connecticut.

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Through Project M² the following goals were accomplished:

  • Created and published six advanced mathematics units for students in Grades K, 1, & 2;
  • Developed students’ understanding of geometry and measurement content and processes;
  • Supported young students real-world experiences in mathematics;
  • Increased the mathematics achievement of all students in Grades K, 1, & 2;
  • Targeted the participation of traditionally underrepresented students in advanced mathematics curriculum, including minorities, those from low SES backgrounds, and second language learners.

Students and teachers in 11 schools of varying socioeconomic levels in Connecticut, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Texas participated in Project M² over a 5-year period.


NAGC Distinguished Curriculum Award

  • 2010 Level 2 Designing a Shape Gallery: Geometry with the Meerkats
  • 2011 Level 1 Exploring Shape Games: Geometry with Imi and Zani
  • 2012 Level K Exploring Shapes in Space: Geometry with the Frogonauts


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Project M² Units are published by Kendall Hunt Publishing.
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