Characteristics of High Ability/Giftedness and Their Implications …

Wallace Research Symposium on Talent Development

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentation 16 — Characteristics of High Ability/Giftedness and Their Implications on the Social and Academic Interactions of Adult Women in Latin-American CountriesRegina Pinho Gomig, Simone Miranda dos Santos Sviercoski, & Susana Graciela Pérez-Barrera

Monday, May 20, 2024, 5:00 – 7:00 pm, Student Union Ballroom, Rooms 330/331

This descriptive mixed-methods study intends to share the characteristics of High Ability/Giftedness (HA/GT) in Latin-American adult women, discussing the implications of this condition on their social and academic interactions. The objective of this study is to identify common patterns and peculiarities in the social interactions of adult women with HA/GT, characteristic of these conditions, and their implications for the quality of these interactions in order to propose effective and individualized interventions. Common and distinctive features among adult women with HA/GT will be analyzed using data from the Phoenix International Research Group’s database, supplemented with a questionnaire developed by researchers. The research encompasses many Latin-American countries, with a sample of 232 women from Brazil (n=100), Argentina (n=14), Uruguay (n=38), Peru (n=20), Chile (n=27), Colombia (n=5), and Mexico (n=28). These characteristics will be organized and presented to provide insights for healthcare and education professionals. We will share our primary findings and some conclusions of the study, emphasizing the complexities of this exceptional condition and its implications within educational and social contexts. Strategies for better understanding and supporting gifted and high-ability individuals will be discussed, aiming to contribute to their development and well-being.