SEM-R Overview

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This 14-minute video overview shows SEM-R working in real classrooms with real students and teachers.

Getting Started
Successful SEM-R implementation relies on shared expectations and responsibility among the teacher and students. Here are a few tips on introducing SEM-R to your class and clarifying expectations:

  • Take a class period to introduce each of the Phases to your students. Explain the purpose and procedures, and discuss expectations for behavior and strategies students may use for self-regulation. Remember to phrase expectations positively and emphasize the SEM-R focus on developing reading enjoyment!
  • Take time to introduce the details of the student log and expectations for completing it. Show the sample pages, and consider showing an example of a poorly completed student log.
  • Use Book Hook time to introduce and generate excitement about the classroom library. Include expectations for how to browse for new books, how to keep the library organized, etc.
  • Draw attention to the posters as reminders for SEM-R procedures and expectations.
  • Remember to use your teacher log to respond to the study expectations and to document your efforts.