SEM Directory—New York

Contact Information

School District Name
Fishers Island School District
School Name
Fishers Island School
School Address
78 Greenwood Road #600, Fishers Island, NY 06390
Contact Name for Visitation
Christian Arsenault, Principal
Contact Phone Number
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Demographic Overview

Number of SEM Schools in the District
School(s) Served [elementary, middle, high]
Number of Gifted Teaching Personnel per Building


Components of Schoolwide Enrichment Model

Services for Identified Talent Pool Students
Services for Entire School Population
Elem. School
Middle School
High School
Elem. School
Middle School
High School
Total Talent Portfolio
Plan for Type I Experiences
Regularly Scheduled Type II Training
Type III Individual & Small Group Investigations
Curriculum Compacting
UConn Logo
UConn Logo
UConn Logo
Renzulli Learning System—Online Program
Enrichment Clusters
Differentiation for and/or Cluster Grouping used in the Regular Classroom for Talent Pool Students
Regularly Scheduled Gifted Program Resource Time for Identified Students
Academies of Inquiry & Talent Development (Middle and High School Only)
Designated Arts Enrichment for Artistically Talented Students
Any Acceleration Options Such as: Early Admission, Ability Grouped Classes, Grade Skipping, Duel Enrollment (College), Online Accelerated Courses, Other (Please Specify Below)
Schoolwide Enrichment Team
Advanced Training for Teachers of the Gifted
Enrichment Program Handbook/Brochure
Field Experiences (Internships, Mentorships, Service Learning Projects)
Regularly Scheduled Reviews of Total Talent Portfolios
Staff Development for General Faculty
Summer Programs
Participation in State, National, and/or International Programs such as National History Day, Future Problem Solving, Math Olympiad, etc.
Type III Fair on or an End-of-the-Year Showcase of Students Work
Other (please specify acceleration options not listed above):