Illuminating Equitable Pathways: Unveiling Racial Dynamics …

Wallace Research Symposium on Talent Development

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Keynote: Illuminating Equitable Pathways: Unveiling Racial Dynamics in Gifted Education — Malik Henfield

Sunday, May 19, 2024, 4:00 – 5:00 pm, Lawrence D. McHugh Hall, Room MCHU 102

An undeniable gap exists in the representation of Black and Hispanic students in our nation’s most challenging courses and programs. This keynote aims to shed light on critical findings that have addressed this issue over the years by presenting comprehensive insights into historical and contemporary research. By exploring the deep-seated disparities and systemic challenges that impede equitable access to valuable educational opportunities, this presentation aims to spark dialogue on the urgent need for transformative policies and practices at federal, state, and local levels. Drawing upon a diverse array of studies and current projects, this address will unravel the intricate interplay of racial dynamics within gifted education, emphasizing the far-reaching implications for present and future educational policy. The ultimate goal is to ignite a collective commitment to fostering an inclusive educational environment that empowers all gifted learners, irrespective of their racial backgrounds, thus paving the way for a more just and equitable educational landscape.

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Dr. Malik S. Henfield is a Full Professor and Founding Dean of Loyola University Chicago’s Institute for Racial Justice. He holds a B.A. in Biology from Francis Marion University, an M.Ed. and Ed.S. in School Counseling from The University of South Carolina, and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from The Ohio State University. As Dean of Loyola’s School of Education, he championed antiracist education, unifying students, faculty, and administrators. Driven by his commitment to justice, he established the Institute for Racial Justice, fostering transformation in Chicago and beyond. The Institute equips community-informed scholars to dismantle racist systems and cultivate inclusive, equitable ecosystems founded on hope and equal dignity. Dr. Henfield’s scholarship delves into Black students’ experiences within a broader context, exploring how their success intersects with school, family, and community dynamics. His work, focusing on students who succeed against formidable odds, has garnered global recognition. He has earned prestigious awards, including AERA Division E Research Paper of the Year, Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society’s Outstanding Article, and Outstanding Research Award from NCACES. His leadership includes roles as Chair of AERA’s Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in Education and recognition as an Emerging Leader and Young Academic Fellow. Dr. Henfield’s research has secured millions in external funding, affirming his dedication to advancing racial justice and a more equitable future.