Building and Supporting Inclusive Gifted Services with Dina Brulles

Broadcast May 11, 2024

UConn Dina Brulles PowerPoint on Inclusive Program 2024


The hallmark of excellence in gifted education insists on equitable identification and inclusive gifted services, evidenced by vibrant, culturally diverse, and responsive classrooms. In this Webinar, we consider methods and approaches that can help integrate the needs of our diversely gifted learners into every aspect of school. Focusing on enfranchising all gifted learners and gaining administrative support, Dr. Brulles will share practical steps educators can take to develop and maintain inclusive gifted practices and programs.

About the presenter

Dina Brulles, Ph.D., is the Gifted Masters Program Coordinator at Arizona State University and the former Director of Gifted Education at Paradise Valley USD in Arizona. Dina has served as NAGC’s Governance Secretary and the board’s School District Representative. She received the 2022 NAGC Anne Isaacs Award for Distinguished Service and NAGC’s inaugural Gifted Coordinator Award in 2014. Dina’s work emphasizes equitable and inclusive identification practices and programming in gifted education. 

Photograph of Dina Brulles