Addressing the Instructional Needs of Gifted Multilingual Learners with Marci Voss


Broadcast March 9, 2024

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Discover how to structure instruction that provides gifted Multilingual Learners with the opportunity to exhibit in-depth, complex thinking while also increasing achievement and proficiency in English. Coupling Kaplan’s model of Depth and Complexity with sheltered instruction addresses both the learning and language needs of gifted language learners. Examples of activities that structure classroom interaction for students to use academic vocabulary to listen, speak, read, and write while at the same time think in in-depth, complex ways are shared.

About the presenter

 During her 36 years in public education, Marcy coordinated GT and Bilingual/ESL Programs, served on the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) Board, and was Chair of the Texas Education Agency GT Advisory Council. After retirement, Marcy served as an English Learner coach and research assistant. Marcy currently serves as an educational consultant, Facilitator for the TAGT Emerging Leaders Program, Chair of the National Association for Bilingual Education GT/Bilingual SIG, and Advisory Board member for NCRGE Project EAGLE. Marcy created the Academic Language Cards, Q3 Cards, and TALK Cards. She is co-author of Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Gifted Education.