Type II Enrichment Summary Sheet

Instructional methods and materials that are purposefully designed to promote the development of thinking and feeling processes.
  1. All students (basic training).
  2. Talent Pool students (basic training, plus advanced level experiences according to individual abilities and interests).
  1. To develop general skills in creative thinking and problem solving, and critical thinking.
  2. To develop affective processes such as sensing, appreciating, and valuing.
  3. To develop a wide variety of specific learning how to learn skills such as notetaking, interviewing, classifying and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, etc.
  4. To develop skills in the appropriate use of advanced level reference materials such as readers guides, directories, abstracts, computer software, the Internet, etc.
  5. To develop written, oral, and visual communication skills that are primarily directed towards maximizing the impact of students’ products upon appropriate audiences.
A Taxonomy of Process and Thinking Skills Development.
Group Interaction.
A “Scope & Sequence” Approach to Process Development.
Methods-Oriented and Materials-Oriented.
Planning Matrix for Organizing and Teaching Type II Skills
Materials & Activities Selection Worksheet for Planning Type II Enrichment
Enrichment Materials Specification Form