Schoolwide Enrichment Model Outreach Survey

Dear SEM Alumni,

As part of our expanding network of support to our friends and colleagues in schools across the nation, we have recently added a position of a Schoolwide Enrichment Outreach Coordinator to our Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development. The coordinator will be available to recommend materials from our video series or monographs from our extensive research library and assist you in your search to contact other school districts to share information and ideas concerning various program components. E-mail you questions to (SEM Outreach Coordinator).

Eight years ago when we launched SEMNET, the first national network and on-line vehicle for sharing information, our goal was to provide educators, administrators, students, and parents with exemplary materials and resources for enriching curriculum and instruction. It was our collective hope to share books, videos, interactive computer programs, simulations and other forms of enrichment curriculum materials, and assist teachers in creating successful enrichment learning environments. Our vision has always been to support professionals by helping you design effective and challenging curriculum for all students. In addition, we are updating our list of SEM model sites to enable you to communicate with other educators who are committed to enriching teaching and learning.

In an attempt to update our database, we have designed a brief “Present Practices” survey for those of you who are implementing the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. We would like to know your progress in implementing SEM. We are interested in the process you are taking, the progress you are making, the obstacles you have overcome, and your successes along the way. The information you provide can be shared with other coordinators and teachers to help facilitate their work. Perhaps you have some ideas for new and innovative enrichment clusters or, if you are at the middle school level, you have taken the first steps toward the creation of Academies of Inquiry and Talent Development. Are there strategies you can share to help with Talent Pool identification or differentiation in the classroom?

Please take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey and help advance our goal of supporting your efforts to implement the various facets of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. If you would be willing to host visits, please let us know that too!

Access survey here