Schoolwide Enrichment Model Curriculum Guides

“From crude cave drawings to instant global communication by satellite and computer, what has distinguished humans from all other species is their ability to share information and ideas with one another.” (Joseph S. Renzulli)

In this spirit, we would like to welcome you to a new feature on our SEM website. The primary goal is to provide educators, administrators, parents, and students with exemplary resources and curricular materials that can be used to create enriching learning experiences for everyone. Through the website we hope to disseminate information about current exciting and engaging learning activities, materials, resources, and ideas. We have provided the necessary names of publishers, curriculum developers, and educators who have created these outstanding books, videos, computer programs, and educational materials. A special thanks to Debra Briatico for all of her efforts in compiling the original guides as part of SEMNET News.

We look forward to sharing resources with you and hope that you benefit from this information. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to create a more successful, enriching learning environment for all students. If you would like to contribute ideas about your own favorite activities and curricular materials, please e-mail a written description to “SEM Outreach Coordinator.”