SEM Directory—New Hampshire

Contact Information:

Barrington School District
Barrington Elementary School
Laura Vittorioso, REACH Teacher
570 Calef Highway
Barrington, NH 03825
Phone: 603-664-2841


Demographic Overview:

School District:
Barrington Elementary School
School Type (elementary, middle, high):
Elementary School
List of Schools Served:
Barrington Elementary School
Designated Program Coordinator:
Laura Vittorioso
Number of Gifted Teaching Personnel per Building:


Components of Schoolwide Enrichment Model:

Services for Identified Talent Pool Students
Services for Entire School Population
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Total Talent Portfolio
Plan for Type I Experiences
Regularly Scheduled Type II Training
Type III Individual & Small Group Investigations
Curriculum Compacting
Renzulli Learning System—Online Program
Enrichment Clusters
Differentiation for and/or Cluster Grouping used in the Regular Classroom for Talent Pool Students
Regularly Scheduled Gifted Program Resource Time for Identified Students
Academies of Inquiry & Talent Development (Middle and High School Only)
Designated Arts Enrichment for Artistically Talented Students
Any Acceleration Options such as the following: Early Admission, Ability Grouped Classes, Grade Skipping, Duel Enrollment (College), On-Line Accelerated Courses
Schoolwide Enrichment Team
Advanced Training for Teachers of the Gifted
Enrichment Program Handbook/Brochure
Field Experiences (Internships, Mentorships, Service Learning Projects)
Regularly Scheduled Reviews of Total Talent Portfolios
Staff Development for General Faculty
Summer Programs
Participation in State, National, and/or International Programs such as National History Day, Future Problem Solving, Math Olympiad, etc.
Type III Fair on or an End-of-the-Year Showcase of Students Work
Other (please specify acceleration options not listed above):