Instructors, Summer Institute for the Gifted, Fairfield & Yale Universities, CT

List of open courses and their descriptions are given below. Contact Erika Paine, Program Director directly and/or apply via Summer Institute website at

Available courses:

Fairfield University: July 17- August 4th, 2017

  • Comics, Cartoons, and Caricatures
  • Nuclear Physics
  • The Art of Making a Short Film
  • Energy: Source of All Things
  • Chemistry: The Essential Element
  • Building Blocks of Engineering: The Way Things Work
  • What’s the Chance?
  • Preserving Earth’s DNA
  • Legally Speaking
  • Things that Fly

Yale I – June 24- July 14, 2017

  • Theories of Time Travel: Spacetime Physics and Wormholes
  • Global Science: What Future Leaders Need to Know
  • Bioinformatics: Data Mining for Health
  • Nanotechnology – Think Small!
  • Digital Photography
  • Self-Defense Sense
  • Mathemati-CS of CompSci

Yale II – July 16- August 5, 2017

  • Bioinformatics: Data Mining for Health
  • The Macroeconomics of Globalization
  • Arduinos: Micro-Computing for Macro-Control
  • Digital Photography
  • Self-Defense Sense
  • Crime Scene Investigation

Course descriptions:

Contact Erika Paine with any questions.