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Description This website is set up by NASA’s Planetary Data System. It offers a variety of information in the form of colorful graphics and write-ups on the Planets. It is very easy to navigate. It provides authentic objects and specimens: Students get to see the planets in real life and color. (In addition to the planets, you will be able to find images of small bodies Marina 10, Viking 1 & 2, Voyager 1 & 2, Magellan, Galileo, Hubble and the Space Shuttle.) They will also be able to locate specific information about each planet such as its size and its special characteristics. It has a wealth of information on all aspects of the Planetary System and instruments used to study it. This website certainly promotes scientific literacy and invites the student to participate in the on-going discoveries about the planets. It also has a downloadable CD-ROM.
Appeal and User Friendliness The site is easy to navigate and everything is literally just a click away. Each picture has a link to information about the picture. There is also a glossary where they can find out the definitions of terms used in the description of different planetary objects.

Science Mega Site

Description This website is supported by the Discovery Channel Network and it offers a lot of options to students, teachers and parents. Students will be able to find lots of links for Homework help in different subjects and teachers and parents will be able to find lesson plans and sample activities to perform both at school and at home. The categories include learning experiences for students in Grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12. Featured lesson plans in science include Astronomy/Space, Earth science, Life science and many other topics. The site also includes learning activities games and puzzles that could be done at home or in class.
Appeal and User Friendliness Even though this is a huge website it is extremely easy to navigate. For example in the For Students section, there are easy links to Science in Action, where you can follow students who have won the Discovery Channel Science Contest and have gone on exciting expeditions all over the world.
Sample Problem Click on For Students and locate Science Fair Central. This portion of the website provides everything students need to know to create a science fair project. A handbook and project ideas provide excellent guidance.